About us

Jajanan is a company based in the Netherlands that provides authentic Indonesian food in Europe. The name "jajanan" means snack in Bahasa, so we want to make sure that we serve up snacks that are delicious yet convenient.

Our mission is to provide the authentic and halal Indonesian food that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. We specifically aim to serve our products for those who are living in Europe—whether it be the Netherlands or any other country within Europe.

Our goal is to make the Indonesian street food that are available for anyone yet easy to enjoy. By providing frozen food in a sealed packaging, we're making it possible for anyone who wants to enjoy Indonesian street food!

In addition, for those who live in the Netherlands, we have been providing catering service as well since 2022, be it for office dinner, birthday party, defense dinner, or wedding.

This year, we extend our business by launching a pop-up store in Groningen, which open every Sunday.